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Iolite Tower

Iolite Tower

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Iolite has a cool, calm energy that helps us to settle easily into meditation, channeling, intuitive reading, shamanic work and other visionary spiritual practices. It opens the Third Eye and strengthens our ability to communicate with other dimensions and realms. Iolite reveals our own path to us, showing us where we still need to grow and what we need to do to move past our current limitations and wounds. Iolite illuminates the lost parts of ourselves, helping us find the way back home to our True Self and to know our real calling in this lifetime.

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Emotional Healing Properties

Iolite is a wonderful stone to work with whenever we have become so emotionally entwined and close to a situation that we can no longer see it clearly. It reminds us to take a step back and breathe deeply, and take time to re-ground ourselves. Once we are calm, we can then look at the situation again, this time from a clearer perspective of logic and compassion. Iolite asks us to stay focused on solutions and the realty of the situation, rather than being swept away by our own complex emotions. Iolite helps us stay grounded, yet also optimistic and hopeful. It counsels us to choose a path of peace and balance, within ourselves first of all, in our relationships next, and finally in all our interactions with the wider world. It invites us to enjoy each moment as it comes, and to ride the ups and downs of life with ease and grace. 

Mental Healing Properties

Iolite balances logic and intuition, allowing our mind to understand the world around us on a much deeper level. It can also help us to better understand the promptings and desires of our own spirit and heart, and, with that understanding, to then chart a course forward. It can be used as a compass to help us find our own “North Star” – the guiding force in our lives. This can take the form of a career or vocation, as well as a personal moral philosophy. Iolite frees us from addictions and can help us become better at managing money.

Physical Healing Properties

Iolite is recommended for anyone developing healthy habits and rituals. It helps us to take a sensible and compassionate approach, balancing our “ideal” life with the realties of our current life. Iolite is especially good for developing habits connected to relaxation, such as bedtime habits and work/life balance. If we find ourselves depending on alcohol or other substances in order to relax, Iolite encourages us to question our habits and explore healthier alternatives. It is a wonderful talisman to keep near when physically and mentally recovering from an addiction. Iolite is also a powerful talisman to support the eyes and mental sharpness.

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