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Oasis hydrating serum

Oasis hydrating serum

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our oasis hydrating serum restores a youthful plumped appearance for dry + aging skin by utilizing a proprietary blend + is an advanced breakthrough in sustainable hydration. this blend of medical grade ingredients, utilizes our unrivaled enhanced molecular weight sodium hyaluronate to deliver rapid moisture replenishment to each layer of the skin. our serum is boosted with japanese camellia for a supportive antioxidant that delivers true all-day environmental protection, while also providing a plumping effect to improve skin elasticity + the appearance of wrinkle depth.

who is it for?

anyone who lives in a dry/cold climate or anyone who could benefit from added hydration. those who struggle with dull or dry skin, those who are looking for a plumping effect to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or are looking to increase their skin's moisture + elasticity for a more youthful appearance. good for all skin types.

30 ml


what is the difference between your oasis hydrating serum + your hyaluronic acid?

not all hyaluronic acids are created equalthere are actually many different types, the quality + effectiveness can vary greatly. our oasis hydrating serum has powerful proprietary ingredients allowing it to penetrate deeper than our hyaluronic acid.


can I use both the oasis hydrating serum + your hyaluronic acid together?

yes, absolutely you can however, we only recommend this if you have dry or dehydrated skin for added hydration.

why should you add our oasis hydrating serum to your regimen?

our oasis hydrating serum uses 4 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid that are optimal for the absorption into the skin - keep in mind that not all hyaluronic acids are created equal as hyaluronic acid comes in a wide range of small to large molecule sizes (the size of the molecule is known as molecular weight). this means that our oasis serum can deliver far superior increases in skin elasticity, which reduces wrinkle depth while providing a more plumped, hydrated look.

bonus: with squalane as an ingredient in our serum, it enhances your skin's natural moisture barrier to seal in the hydration (many hydrating serums do not have ingredients to help your skin's natural barrier retain the additional hydration).&nbsp,it closely mimics your skins natural squalene which is an essential part of your skins natural sebum.


before applying your creams, apply to your skin + neck. good for am/pm use.


Why Oasis hydrating serum?

being our desert collection, an oasis in the desert is a fertile water source that provides relief + a cooling effect to the air - hydration!

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