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Orgonite EMF Shield

Orgonite EMF Shield

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These extra potent orgonite EMF Shields have been created in ceremony to protect the biomagnetic energy field from harmful EMF radiation emitted by cellular phones and other devices.

Each shield features a 3M adhesive backing. Each element in the shields helps to balance the biomagnetic field and neutralize harmful EMFs.

Their core elements include: Elite Shungite • EMF protection + detoxification, energetic harmony + balance

  • Black Tourmaline: Protection from negativity, grounding, balancing, purifying
  • Crystal Quartz: Master healer, grounding + creates piezoelectric effect
  • Pyrite: Energetic protection, mends auric tears
  • Metal Shavings: Amplifies orgone effect, removes stagnant energy
  • Bronze Powder: Clears negative energy, amplifies orgone effect
  • Copper: Energy conductor, amplifies orgone effect

To use, simply peel off the 3M adhesive backing and stick onto your phone case or other device.

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