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Serpentine tumble

Serpentine tumble

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Serpentine is said to be helpful in stimulating psychic abilities and enhancing meditation. It is also said to be helpful in protecting against negative energy. 

Serpentine is a stone that you can use to attract or manifest whatever desire you may have. The spiritual energy of this stone has the ability to attract abundance of all kinds, as well as love, happiness, prosperity, healing, and so much more. This stone will also help you align your intention with your source energy and with your heart chakra! Serpentine is one of the best stones to use for awakening the Kundalini energy. When the Kundalini is awakened, you may experience a lot of spiritual and psychic phenomena which can be quite powerful and intense.


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The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help you experience the feeling of the serpent rising like a fire right there in your spine, activating every chakra and then emerging at the crown.

The spiritual energy of Serpentine is also effective in clearing blocked energies. It will facilitate a healthy and natural flow of energies. It’s also a powerful stone to use energetically in making the old part of the brain serve the higher brain.

Serpentine is a great stone that you can use to protect your well-being. It will calm your spirit and preserve your beliefs as well.

The spiritual energy that this stone possesses will help your passage through the most stressful and hectic days, and it will work very hard to protect your spirit.

In the spiritual world, Serpentine will keep your beliefs safe from doubt. This doubt can grow and affect your life in a very big way.

If you’re anticipating a difficult period ahead, Serpentine can be a very effective stone in supporting your efforts to keep a positive disposition, to hold on to your sense of humor, and to maintain your respect for others.

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