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Small sage smudge

Small sage smudge

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Small Sage Smudge is used for protection, ceremonies, cleansing and honour.

Dry sage is burned to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and strengthen disease defences.

Smudging, or burning sage, is burning sage leaves and allowing the smoke to purify the air in your home. Burning sage serves a slightly different purpose than consuming it internally. Poor air quality has been related to a variety of health problems. Burning sage is viewed as a cost-effective technique to help purify the air. Sage is known to have antibacterial qualities, which aid in killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It's important to remember that burning sage produces smoke, which can be detrimental to persons with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Due to being a natural, wildly grown herb, size will vary at approximately 3.5" to 5".

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