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Desert Moon

Sonoran Face Cream

Sonoran Face Cream

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our sonoran face cream is a daily moisturizer that is particularly good for those with dry skin as it is formulated to provide ultimate moisturization to combat the harsh effects of cold + dry climate to give your skin relief. bonus: our sonoran face cream locks in hydration from serums making it super effective for hydration.

120 ml


our sonoran cream provides incredible moisturization without feeling heavy. this was achieved by combining shea butter with the best moisturization oils to create an incredibly rich cream that still absorbes easily. the consistancy of our cream is on the thicker side + comes from the large amounts of healthy, non-comedogenic, fatty acids in the shea butter - shea butter at room temperature has a solid consistency, but upon application, softens + absorbs easily. our cream allows hydrating serums to be more effective by helping your skin's natural barrier retain the hydration provided by ingredients like hyaluronic acid. our sonoran cream will give you a youthful dewy look that comes from properly moisturized skin!

Who is it for?

anyone who lives in a dry/cold climate or anyone who could benefit from added hydration. those who struggle with dull or dry skin, those who are looking for more youthful dewy looking skin. good for all skin types.


apply a small amount of cream to the face + neck at end of your night routine. if you are using in the morning, we recommend applying an spf for preotection on top of our sonoran face cream. tip: if applying in the morning, allow 3-5 minutes for your sonoran face cream to absorb before applying your spf protection. can be used on the body as well. good for am/pm use. bonus: works incredibly well paired with our hyaluronic acid and/or oasis hydrating serum.

our sonoran face cream can be used am + pm however, there is no spf protection so if you are using it during the day, we highly recommend adding an spf over top.


Why Sonoran Face Cream?

the sonoran desert is considered to be the most tropical desert in north america + contains both fresh water & sea water. the sonoran desert is unique because it has two rainy seasons, where as most deserts only have one at most. the sonoran desert is the wettest desert in the world - hello hydration!


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