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Tiger's Eye tumble

Tiger's Eye tumble

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Tiger’s Eye is the stone of courage, power, and protection. It bestows on us the ability to maintain our presence and power in this physical world. Tiger’s Eye also protects from the evil eye and can remove negative energies.

It is a stone of health and vitality. It also stimulates psychic abilities and attunes one with higher energies. It helps us make our own decisions from within rather than just reacting to outside influences, this empowers us to be more responsible for ourselves.

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Tiger’s Eye can protect from the effects of the Evil Eye and removes negative energies. It is also believed to bring success in love, riches, and luck. This is a stone about seeking out the horizon and making your fortune your way, on your terms. But still with a bright smile and a sense of self-assurance that is impossible to shake.

The gemstone has a high vibration that enhances human energy fields and helps create an aura of power and vitality. Brings good luck, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of your life. It will help you to attract wealth and give you the confidence needed to maintain it. Personal protection from danger or harm, protection by superiors or superiors, material safety such as business matters, health issues, and investments.

Tiger’s eye can be used to enhance fidelity in your romantic partner, it is good for uniting lovers, newlyweds, or marriage partners who are facing difficult situations together. It encourages partnership and cooperation between lovebirds.

This crystal is helpful when you’re working on manifesting your goals. Tiger’s eye crystal brings clarity and wisdom, they help you to make good choices in your life. Tiger’s Eye is also used as a stone of luck and is believed to be an effective deflector of the Evil Eye. It can help increase prosperity, success, protection against accidents, negativity, and fear. It can also bring success, wealth, and prosperity to business owners, traders, gamblers, and entrepreneurs. This stone brings success in your spiritual and personal life. It helps build self-confidence, dispel fear and insecurity, bring more positive things into your life as well as encourages you to release anger or resentment that can be holding you back from living a happy life.

Tiger’s Eye is used for astral projection and lucid dreaming. Practice with this stone will help you to release your fears and find the courage to take risks in life.

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