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Universal Cleansing Oil

Universal Cleansing Oil

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Universal Cleansing Oil is the ideal choice as an initial cleanse for complete makeup removal.  Proven to be the most effective way to breakdown dirt, makeup as well as, soft and hard oil deposits in the skin. This non-comedogenic oil cleanser leaves skin clean, hydrated and healthier.  It is highly rejuvenating and brightening, nourishing and suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Best for: Universal Cleansing Oil works for all skin types and conditions.


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Universal Cleansing Oil is formulated for all skin types and conditions, including oily or acneic skin. A blend of jojoba oil, almond oil and a variety of botanical oils, nourish and protect skin, drawing excess oil, ensuring balance is maintained. Known to help prevent both acne and dry skin, this non-comedogenic pre-cleanser effortlessly removes makeup, dirt, and impurities in one easy step. Skin is left clean, healthy and ready for whatever comes next!

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