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Desert Moon

Venus anti-aging serum

Venus anti-aging serum

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our venus anti-aging serum has a proprietary complex which visibly reverses signs of aging for a youthful smooth appearance. our proprietary blend is a fully encapsulated complex that delivers next level skin penetration + bio-availability. using hydrolyzed pea protein + comfrey extract to support healthy skin & to keep the complexion soft + hydrated.

who is it for?

those with mature skin who would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles + crow's feet. those who are looking for a preventive measure to keep their skin youthful. good for all skin types.

30 ml


our venus anti-aging serum is created with a medical grade peptide + amino acids which is designed for those looking for preventative or corrective care to reduce the appearance of wrinkles + fine lines, while promoting elasticity for a younger appearance. fun fact: peptides + amino acids are what collagen, elastin & keratin are made of, making them crucial ingredients for our skin, particularly as we age + our skin stops producing these proteins as effectively. peptides are well known for their skin restoring abilities + effects on the appearance of wrinkles & your skin's elasticity.

to ensure the key ingredients are absorbed deep into the layers of the skin, these ingredients are encapsulated in nano-particles that are able to absorb deeper into the skin than a regular serum could. these particles carry the peptides, amino-acids + hyaluronic acid into the skin & then slowly release them, allowing your skin to make far better use of these ingredients. our venus anti-aging serum doesn’t just deliver a single peptide or amino acid to your skin, but a full spectrum of them. the profile of amino acids in this product closely matches those contained in your skin's natural proteins which means your skin will have everything it needs to remain elastic + youthful.


before applying your creams, apply to your skin + neck. good for am/pm use.


Why Venus anti-aging serum?

being our moon collection, venus is the roman goddess of love + beauty who also encompasses desire, sex, fertility, prosperity + victory. she embraces aging gracefully. also, the moon + venus both shining brightly in the night sky, frequently form visually stunning conjunctions. it is known that the moon + venus matter most in the love + romance realm which we invite you to embody self-love while applying our venus anti-aging serum in your skincare practice.

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