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Desert Moon

Yin + yang balancing serum

Yin + yang balancing serum

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our yin + yang balancing serum blends nature + science to unlock a bright + clear complexion with a new technology of terpinen-4-ol. this combines three forms of tea tree using an extract, hydrofoil + essential oil for ultimate bioavailability. this combination with pine extract provides superior antioxidants to soothe + protect the integrity of the skin barrier which = a balanced pH.

who is it for?

if you have breakouts or struggle with acne, this is the perfect product to add to your regimen. good for all skin types.

30 ml.


our yin + yang balancing serum uses new & advanced technology such as terpinen-4-ol which also, increases the activity of your white blood cells, which help fight germs + other foreign invaders. these bacteria fighting properties make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial + fungal skin conditions, preventing infection + promoting healing. this is the perfect product for those struggling with active breakouts, acne or who are looking to balance the pH of their skin.

with pine extract as another main ingredient - it is great for increasing the production of hyaluronic acid + collagen which is great for anti-aging. our yin + yang balancing serum is packed with vitamins, polyphenols + other phytonutrients.


before applying your creams, apply to your skin + neck. good for am/pm use.


Why Yin + yang balancing serum?

being our moon collection, yin + yang is all about finding balance within the positives &, negatives. it begins with nothing + transforms into everything. yin symbolizes the feminine + yang is the masculine which in turn balance holistically.

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